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Books that keep me up at night

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The Owls Have Come to Take Us Away, Ronald Smith

You will fall in love with Simon, a sensitive, perhaps delusional young man as he deals with his obsession and fear of aliens. They aren’t out there—are they? Think of it as the X-Files for Middle Grade.

Damn Fine Story,
Chuck Wendig

I love all of Wendig’s books on writing because he gives solid, actionable advice, cusses a lot, and makes me laugh out loud, even while sitting alone on an airplane. Don’t skip the footnotes, there is comedy gold there.

Dread Nation,
Justina Ireland

If you thought zombie apocalypse horror stories had nothing new to offer, you would be so, so wrong. Dread Nation is set during a re-imagined Civil War time period, where Ireland deftly grapples with race in an entirely new way, casting light on current day politics. Despite the still manages to keep you checking that the front door is locked before you go to sleep.

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